How to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Health

Lose weight fast, eat all you want and improve your health. Ok it is not as easy as that yet this is truly worth your consideration. Vegetables are not fattening, they promote health and are fast and easy to prepare. The trouble is that we need meat, carbohydrates, cheese and bulky foods to feel satisfied. This is true yet this truth is the issue we are seeking to solve, we need to lose weight and stay strong, full of energy and not starve. All who have been on any diet knows what I am saying yet you are reading this for solution, solution is what you will get.

Baby Boomers began, as all young people, we were going to change the world. Some of us did but most of us worked hard and are now approaching slower years. Exercise for some is routine and good habits are in charge. For the rest of us, we need help, we have tried and we are still fat. We have all heard that we need to replace bad habits with good ones, that habits are good, all we need do is replace bad ones with good ones. We know that our thoughts have shaped our lives, so thoughts then, shape our now and our todays connected create our future, one now at a  time. Dr. Joe Vitale and Eckhart Tolle are of course two of my mentors of this clear self-empowering thought process.

“I need help now”, ok here it is, one habit that must be achieved is the habit of avoiding foods which are contrary to good health, this definitely requires a change in thinking. Whoa, you are about to say I must stop eating what I love? What about adding fast, great tasting meals in minutes, made with healthy foods that taste great, fill you up and allow you the chance to change that habit of eating fattening foods? Easy, well that is a relative word, you see easy is not being 50 pounds overweight and becoming slower with each passing year. We know all about that yet we are needing support, again, fast great tasting meals that fill you up, combined with literally changing your mind about foods. Self-respect and self-love must be boosted until we have no more reasons why we are not going to change today. This is a serious subject and I am offering you a path, a simple easy to grasp path to make the changes that successful people are willing to make. Please, respond to this blog, let’s share what works together, let’s support each other and find that elusive set of habitual changes we need to succeed.


One thought on “How to Lose Weight Fast and Improve Your Health

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! I was raw vegan for several years in my twenties and I felt amazing! Over the last 10 years, I have resorted back to my old ways and now I have about 30 lbs to lose 😦 Besides the extra weight I put on, I just don’t feel healthy. For me it is definitely a change of the mindset that really needs to happen in order to succeed in any lifestyle change. My roomie and I are making the transition back to raw food this will be our 2nd attempt in a month. After we failed the 1st time around, we sat down and discussed the reasons that we failed and formulated new methods and goals for the next time around. We found that It was very important to be realistic and honest with ourselves and each other. It helps to have a support system too. We have had a steady diet of cooked food now for 10 years and for us, transitioning back to our healthy lifestyle has been all about slowing weening ourselves. We eat raw the entire day, but at the end of the day we will have one cooked protein (usually chicken or fish) with a salad. We are a week in and it is going quiet well. It also helps to have a support system around. I hope this information was helpful! Best of luck to anyone embarking on the path to good health.


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